1. You can save your work online any time while designing. Our Webcloud software allows users to logon from any computer and start from where they left. This is the beauty of cloud software.
2. Remamber to logon to our online software within 14 days once you started designing photobook. All your work which is not submitted will be lost after 14 days.
This do not mean that you have to complete your photobook design in 14 days, Only login once within 14 days to keep it saved online.
3. Once successful order is placed, user photobooks will be with us for not more than 45 days of order submission.
4. It is recommended not to upload more than 30 photos at once. Total number of photos you can upload are 200
5. Photos with more than 20 Mega Pixels will not be uploaded.
6. Photos greater than 20 MB will not be uploaded.


A5 Photobook Layout
A5 Photobook Only comes with 24 page soft bind.


3PA Photobooks