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Why NewsLetter?

When trying to build a relationship with clients and prospects, it’s hard to beat the value of high-quality newsletters with relevant content. Through professional newsletter printing, you can promote your organization, increase sales, develop a market presence, and keep in touch with current clients and customers, organization members, and prospective new business opportunities. In fact, newsletters are an important marketing tool for companies, colleges, hospitals and events

. 3PA offers a wide range of printing options for your business needs.

Newsletter design options:

Choose from our wide range of printing options.

  1. Size options: Select A4 (8.5” x 11”), or any other specifications as per your requirement.
  2. Paper Types: Choose the right paper for the newsletter printing. The heavier the weight, coating and feel, the more professional the look of the newsletter.
  3. Colour options: Your newsletters can be printed in full colour on both sides, or if you are looking to reduce costs, just black on the back. We also have a variety of paper and folding options for your newsletter printing.
  4. Binding options: Saddle Stitch, none.
  5. Folding: None, Half Fold, Tri Fold, half, then Half Again, Half, then tri-fold


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